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NHIF Eslip Portal Password Resset

>you should have the email address used during the registration of e slip account

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NHIF Eslip Generation

>excel sheet for contribution of your employees and the password to login to the e slip portal.

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IFMIS Number Registration

>We register your Business and Company to ifmis portal which is Integrated Financial Management Information System. It is an automated system that is used for public financial management (by The National Treasury).

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Smart Driving Liscence Application

>KSH 350/= for service charges and KSH 3,100/= for the application of Smart DL.

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KRA Returns Filling

>-Nil Returns Filling - KSH 100/- -Employed Returns Filling - 150/= -You should have a password to your kra portal and a P9 form for those who are employed. In case you lack a password to your KRA portal we can help you to reset it.

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KRA PIN Application For Company, Business,Groups

>REQUIREMENTS. Certificate of Registration or incorporation. KRA Pin for the Directors and other officials. Valid Email Address. Postal Address,Location Partnership Deed for Soleproprietor

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KRA PIN Registration - Personal

>For Personal Kra Pin Certificate. with your Login password provided for you for easy access of your KRA portal. OTHER SERVICES Tax compliance Certificate. Filling of KRA Returns (NIL /Employed). KRA Password Reset.

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>REQUIREMENTS Your National ID, Valid Mobile Phone Number registered under your name. Your mothers name, KRA Pin Certificate.

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CRB Clearance Certificate Application

>KES 300/- is for service charges. also you should have KES 2,030 in your M-pesa for CRB Clearance certificate. OTHER SERVICES. Registration to CRB Portal, CRB Credit Report, Who Has LIsted You

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Private Company Limited Registration

>KES 4,550/- is for service charge. also you should have KES 10,900/- in your m-pesa for payment of certificate of incorporation and the CR12 certificate.

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Business Name Registration

>KES 200/- is for service charge. also you should have KES 1,000/- in your m-pesa for payment of business certificate. OTHER BUSINESS NAMES SERVICES. - Change of Business Name - Change of name, - Change of Business particulars. - Removal or appointment of partners. - Cessation of Business Name registration.

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CRB Certificate Application

>>>KES 200/- is for service charge. also you should have KES 2200/- in your m-pesa for payment of CRB Certificate

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